More Able & Talented

What is MAT?

At Ysgol Dyffryn Aman More Able & Talented pupils are defined as those who excel in academics, sport, cultural studies or in general education. Within this, each department has its own criteria to assess which pupils are MAT.


How many pupils are there?

We anticipate that eventually 20% of pupils be considered MAT in one or more curriculum subject. Currently we have just over 200 pupils on the MAT “list”.


How do we decide if someone is MAT?

There are a number of ways of identifying whether a pupil is MAT, including:

  • Cognitive (CAT) test results
  • Mid-term and end of year test results
  • Primary school recommendations
  • Observation by teachers


What is our goal?

We want all pupils to achieve their full potential and to provide them with a rounded and enjoyable education experience that will give them the results they need, inspire their choices for the future. In order to achieve this we work with MAT Pupils to develop their subject knowledge and thinking skills.


Our Approach

To extend MAT pupils by extending them and developing their critical thinking and awareness
To empower pupils through activities such as clubs and cultural and educational visits.
To challenge pupils by setting targets that are realistic and fulfill their potential.
To support pupils through mentoring and in every aspect of the school journey.
To celebrate the achievement of MAT pupils within the school and community.


MAT pupil achievements

The Year 11 MAT cohort for 2016 achieved extremely impressive grades with 71% of all papers sat by MAT Pupils being graded at A or A*.

A number of MAT pupils have successfully received interviews for Oxbridge and others have been placed in universities of their choice across the country.

Across the school MAT highlights have included involvement in the Student Parliament in the House of Commons, a cultural visit to Morocco, competitions and awards in various subject, reaching the International debating final, organizing European Languages Day and working with the Dyfed Archaeology Trust in the Black Mountains.


Plans for the coming year

We have an exciting plan for the next 12 months which includes:

  • Continuation of the mentoring programme for Years 7-10
  • Introduction of social issue and “argument” clubs throughout the school
  • Development of an “alumni” database in collaboration with the careers department and organizing high level work experience placements
  • Continuation of an enrichment programme to include GCSE Classical Civilisation and A-Level Politics
  • A number of educational visits, including a visit to the Debating Threats to Democracy conferences in Lithuania and Slovakia, the Natural History Museum, UK Student Parliament
  • Ongoing partnerships with Oxford University, Dyfed Archaeological Trust, UK Parliament and the European Union