It is a pleasure to welcome you to Ysgol Dyffryn Aman’s website. I hope it provides you with an overview of school life and also gives you valuable information on the school’s policies and systems. If you require any specific details, please pick up the phone to speak to me directly.

The school community at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman is effective, diverse and inclusive. One of the school’s strengths lies in its extensive curriculum, and the caring support and expert direction given to each individual pupil to ensure that they follow the most appropriate learning pathway to a successful future.

“Parched pob byw ei orchwyl” (Let everyone respect their own endeavours) is the school’s motto. We believe that by working hard and being focussed on achieving our goals, everyone can achieve their full potential. As a school, we are totally committed to creating an inspiring and challenging learning environment that provides every child with the best opportunities to succeed. Teamwork is therefore essential. We endeavour to develop a school community that promotes skills for both independent learning and collaborative working so our pupils can develop into effective and respected citizens.

High expectations are essential. Creating an aspiring school community means that every stakeholder as a role to play. By working together, as a school, parents, governors, authority, and the wider community, we can achieve our goal of providing the best academic education for our pupils, and instil in them the pastoral and moral direction to guide them successfully through life.

It is important that every pupil makes the most of every opportunity and become proud ambassadors of the school and community – on the sports field, on the performing stage, in the world of science and technology, or of course in the classroom. Let us support each individual pupil, and equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and values to step confidently and boldly into the future.

Nerys Nicholas